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Solutions one yard at a time

EnCAP-IT is dedicated to helping industries manage large volumes of beneficial reuse materials “one cubic yard at a time.”

We offer proven green solutions using leading-edge patented methods for constructing mechanical stabilized earthen (MSE) berms, engineered structural fills, dams, levees and embankment stabilization.

Our innovative approaches give our clients a relatively rapid means to conserve and reclaim land for general and beneficial use. It raises their profile as reliable environmental stewards in the communities they serve.

99.7% of EnCAP-IT systems consist of recycled fill material of all types — from coal combustion residuals (CCRs) and other environmentally controversial substances to common soil, crushed concrete and glass — using a sustainable method of full encapsulation that responsibly reuses the material and keeps it stable and harmless for hundreds of years. EnCAP-IT supports recycling and responsible reuse.


In our work with the waste industry, constructing high berms adjacent to landfills extends the landfills’ lifespan by increasing vertical capacity (airspace) without enlarging their geographic footprint. The berms themselves become usable land that can serve other purposes.

In the power industry and others, we provide long-term means to contain waste byproducts so they don’t harm the environment or leach dangerously into surrounding water supplies.

On each project, our strategy includes finding opportunities to coordinate different industries’ environmental challenges for their mutual benefit. For example, the power industry’s coal ash residuals may be fully encapsulated to safely serve as berm construction material at a landfill or an engineered structural fill (99.7%).

It’s a win-win for the industries involved and typically results in significant cost savings — while using the latest and best technology. However, the ultimate beneficiaries are communities and municipalities who find their long-term waste disposal dilemmas resolved.

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The engineering and solid waste management professionals who work with EnCAP-IT live by the concept of “responsible reuse.” Contact Us to learn how our suite of solutions will enable your business to meet and exceed environmental requirements for waste disposal in a highly cost-effective way that will last for generations.