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Waste Industry Solutions
MSE Berm technology has been around for years. In fact there are over thirty MSE berms at landfills across the United States. Some of these berms were permitted by a strategic partner of AWT. Our technology/method allows for the beneficial reuse of certain materials in the wall construction, dramatically decreasing or eliminating the financial burden of the construction. The gate revenue of these materials (ash, impacted soils, dredge material, crushed glass, etc.) is charged to the generator and in most cases pays for the construction itself. Our patented method fully encapsulates the materials in a Subtitle D liner system which has already been approved by Virginia DEQ. (We are currently working with other states for approval; PA, FL, NC, NJ; just to mention a few.)

There has never been a substantive failure of an Landfill MSE Berm in the United States.

The advantages of using AWT Technology;

  • Maximizes Capacity

  • Minimizes Permitting Timelines

  • Minimizes Unit/Cost Per Disposal Cubic Yard

  • Reduces Solid Waste Management and Operational Costs

Power Industry Solutions
The energy sector is currently being defined by proposed new regulations that will be imposed by both federal and state environmental agencies. These new regulations will include new limits on air, water and waste emitted by coal generating facilities. AWT has developed methods utilizing its patented technology, providing INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for the water and waste regulations which will set minimum standards for management of coal combustion products (CCPs). The new regulations at minimum will require CCPs to be handled as a sub-title D waste, require conversion from wet handling to dry and require the retirement of wet ash storage ponds (617 currently in the United Sates as per the USEPA). These new regulations will require the energy sector to be in compliance by 2015 which is a very short period of time.

The AWT methods and advantages are listed below;

  • Creation/Expansion of dry disposal capacity
    1. AWT berm constructed around existing dry disposal area.

    2. Current production can be used as construction material.
  • Wet basin to dry disposal conversion
    1. Can allow basin to be converted to dry disposal while basin can function until transition complete.

    2. AWT berm or curtains constructed through basin.

    3. AWT berm constructed with removed CCP's around perimeter.

    4. Composite liner installed using additional geogrid underlayment.
  • Retro-fit of wet basin to Subtitle D standards for continued use as a wet basin
    1. AWT berm constructed through basin with CCP's.

    2. Portion of basin continues to function.

    3. AWT berms constructed with CCP's around perimeter.

    4. Composite liner installed using additional geogrid underlayment.

    5. Complete previous step on isolated wet area.

    6. Basin retrofitted for ongoing wet disposal over a fully composite lined area.
  • Enhanced slope stabilization
    1. AWT MSE berms and technology are highly effective in slope stability applications of existing embankment systems.

    2. Manages pore pressure both internally and externally.

    3. Utilizes thinner section encapsulated berms with geocomposites and geomembranes to manage pore pressure while providing stability and a hydraulic barrier.

    4. Constructed as buttress to external or internal slopes allowing effective management of seepage.

Other Industry Solutions
Nearly every industrial process, from manufacturing consumer goods to generating energy, produces different types of usable materials. Beneficial use of these materials avoids the environmental impacts of extracting and processing virgin materials and extends the life of our landfills. Many states have implemented regulations to help ensure that secondary materials are used in a beneficial manner that is protective of human health and the environment. Under these programs AWT's INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS use these materials in a beneficial manner in creating roadways, dams, embankments and levees.

AWT has patented and patents (pending) technology utilizing unique methods for constructing MSE berms and embankment stabilization that are far more cost effective than traditional methods of construction and has developed.

States with permitted or planned landfill MSE Berms

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