Simple, Sensible Solutions

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EnCAP-IT, a consulting and design firm, helps clients solve environmental and capacity constraint problems by using macroencapsulation techniques to preserve and reclaim land for beneficial reuse.

Our patented green methods of constructing encapsulated mechanically stabilized earthen (eMSE) berms, engineered structural fills, dams, levees, and embankment stabilization are leading-edge, yet based on simple, tried-and-true engineering principles.

We tackle each challenge with a tailored plan that’s the most cost-efficient, safe and rapid solution. Our mission is to get everyone on the same page and create win-wins for businesses, citizens, government and the environment.

Our clients enjoy community recognition as reliable, fiscally responsible environmental stewards who make safety a high priority.

EnCAP-IT believes that recycling and responsible reuse are the best ways to preserve the environment — and we’ll help you do it safer and more efficiently.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment. We’ve defined ours. Have you?

Let Us Help You

EnCAP-IT’s network of engineering and solid waste management professionals support responsible reuse. Contact Us and help your business resolve thorny environmental issues with economical solutions that will last generations.