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EnCAP-IT Joins Forces with Waste Resource Services, LLC

EnCAP-IT is partnering with Waste Resource Services to promote environmentally friendly and lasting solutions for landfills facing maximum capacity issues. Because each site has its own unique challenges, we will offer EnCAP-IT’s array of patented solutions in configurations that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

Waste Resource Services is led by Jeff Crate, a professional geologist who has worked in the industry since 1977, specializing in industrial and municipal waste management. He has played integral roles in environmental projects conducted for universities, local governments, industries, electric utilities and commercial companies throughout Virginia, as well as in 11 states and abroad. His expertise encompasses the breadth of solid waste management, including:

  • planning
  • recycling
  • energy from waste
  • disposal facility design
  • leachate management
  • construction phase services
  • groundwater monitoring and remediation
  • landfill gas management and beneficial use
  • renewable energy at waste disposal facilities

In 2012, Jeff received the National Governor’s Special Award (NW&RA) for leadership and service in the field. In 2014, he was appointed by Virginia’s governor to a four-year term on the Virginia Waste Management Board.

Jeff’s complementary skill set will enable EnCAP-IT take its mission to the next level by helping landfills extend their useful lives without substantially expanding their footprints while using the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective means available.

June 9, 2015