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Potomac Landfill engages EnCAP-IT for MSE Berm System

Potomac Landfill in Dumfries, Virginia, has engaged EnCAP-IT to design a customized MSE berm system that will conform specifically to the topography of the 39-acre site and transition the area from a landfill to public recreation use.

Potomac and EnCAP-IT’s guiding principles for this design project will maximize its benefits to the community while minimizing its impact on the environment.

The design plan includes an earthen berm to be constructed in phases along the perimeter of the current Potomac site. The additional airspace the berm creates will be filled with waste materials that will then be fully macroencapsulated in Subtitle D composite liner. In the final phase, the now-full airspace will be covered with top soil and planted, shielding the environment from any harmful leaching from the waste materials and giving the land a new lease on life.

It’s a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

According to current plans, when the EnCAP-IT macroencapsulation project is complete and the landfill is full, the reclaimed land will have something for everybody, enhancing the quality of life for Dumfries residents by providing myriad options for outdoor and indoor recreation.

The land will be home to fields for baseball, soccer and lacrosse, in addition to tennis courts, playgrounds, and walking and bike trails. An indoor sports complex will house retail space, restaurants and “pay to play” activities such as martial arts, dance, rock-climbing, and fitness.

You can view “The Vision” as well as more details about the Potomac project and other reclaimed landfills around the world that served as Potomac’s inspiration.

– July 31, 2015