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EnCAP-IT® Joins Forces with Doswell Strategic Consulting Services, LLC

Richmond, Va., (September 27, 2017) – EnCAP-IT is partnering with Doswell Strategic Consulting Services to promote environmentally friendly and lasting solutions for the utility industry.

Their joint efforts will provide a variety of patented methods for cost effective coal combustion residual (CCR) that protects the environment in ways far superior to other methods. EnCAP-IT’s Macroencapsulation Method provides the basis for CCR closure, storage expansion, site retrofit, and beneficial reuse.

“Expanding our areas of expertise to extend our reach in the utility market is a natural progression for EnCAP-IT. Mary has a proven record of delivering innovative and complex solutions to the energy sector. Under Mary’s direction, EnCAP-IT can provide much needed solutions to this sector,” said John Swenson, managing partner of EnCAP-IT.

“I believe EnCAP-IT’s innovative solutions take CCR management in a new direction. EnCAP-IT provides a strategy that leap frogs current, highly contentious CCR management plans and provides utilities with solutions that can bring consensus among all stakeholders,” added Mary Doswell, principal of Doswell Strategic Consulting Services.

By leveraging their combined knowledge and resources, the partnership will help all stakeholders streamline the entire process of developing responsible long-term strategies for CCR Management.

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