About Us

EnCAP-IT was founded in 2009 in Glen Allen, Virginia, as a consulting and design firm. We resolve environmental issues for waste management, power and other industries with our proprietary macroencapsulation technology. By using combustion residuals and other production byproducts to create eMSE berms, we achieve beneficial reuse and dramatically reduce construction costs for our clients.

Expertise, Not Excuses

Because no two sites are alike, and we believe every site has potential, we can overcome what you may see as hurdles by presenting new ways to implement basic, well-proven engineering principles that achieve lasting results.

Thanks to our ability to think outside the box, we have twelve patented methods approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with another three currently under review. In the meantime, we’re developing two more applications. For EnCAP-IT, innovation is a never-ending journey, not a destination.

When it comes to protecting the environment, we know that we can all do better.

Two Virginia landfill sites have successfully used EnCAP-IT beneficial reuse methodology to significantly expand their airspace within their existing footprint without harming the environment — and extended the sites’ useful lives by many years.

Strong Strategic Relationships

Our process always hinges on bringing all the right people together, and you’ll work with the best in the beneficial reuse business. After assessing your needs, we’ll tap into our network of experts to assemble the appropriate team of engineers, project managers, and materials procurers. They will collaborate closely with you, your engineers and other stakeholders. Ongoing communication and idea-sharing are key to project success.

To keep abreast of ever-changing issues, trends and legislation and to keep our expert network on the leading edge, we’re active in industry associations. We maintain a wide variety of contacts so we have access to the right talent for each project and you get precisely the answers you need to address your environmental issues.

Let Us Help You

EnCAP-IT’s network of engineering and solid waste management professionals support responsible reuse. Contact Us and help your business resolve thorny environmental issues with economical solutions that will last generations.

The Founders

Carlton Dudding
1954 – 2013

Carlton Dudding was an innovative, entrepreneurial engineering and management professional with 25 years experience in solid and liquid waste management…
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John P. Swenson
Founder | Inventor | Managing Partner
John P. Swenson is a seasoned, energetic, and entrepreneurial minded business executive, with 31 years of experience; with the last 24 years in the Waste Industry…
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Vision Statement

To use encapsulation technology to reduce landfill expansion or reclaim land for other beneficial uses, protecting the environment and the community being served.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help organizations tasked with environmental stewardship give back to their communities by achieving best use of land resources through responsible recycling of fill material, using berms to limit sprawl in disposal areas and to reclaim land for general use. Our encapsulation methods:

  • Exceed stringent safety and environmental requirements
  • Minimize environmental compliance costs while applying leading-edge science and technology
  • Implement proven and sustainable solutions using world-class engineering