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EnCAP-IT® publishes presentation on Macroencapsulation: The Optimal On-Site Clean Closure

TRUE:    On-Site Clean Closure is obtainable.

FALSE:   Clean Closure can only be obtained by using off-site disposal methods.

EnCAP-IT has developed a strategy to obtain On-Site Clean Closure using the existing basin footprint(s).

EnCAP-IT has continued to innovate its solutions ….. These innovative solutions can benefit any Basin Closure Strategy.

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Macroencapsulation: Beneficial Reuse of Non-Traditional Materials to Safely Increase Landfill Airspace while Reducing Construction Costs

Given by: Jeffrey T. Crate, P.G. (Waste Resource Services) & John P. Swenson (EnCAP-IT)
2016 NC-SWANA Spring Conference– April 25-28, 2016 – Greensboro, North Carolina

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