Our Solution Approach

The EnCAP-IT Solution

Every site has unique challenges, but every project EnCAP-IT undertakes benefits from our foolproof approach, which is to:

  • Fix the problem
  • Exceed safety requirements
  • Protect the environment
  • Provide the lowest cost solution

Why Partner with EnCAP-IT?

When outside forces make “business as usual” no longer an option, teaming up with EnCAP-IT enables you to:

  • Implement a safe solution
  • Protect the environment
  • Save money
  • Fast-track regulatory approvals
  • Benefit from our world-class experience and expertise

Why EnCAP-IT’s Macroencapsulation?

Its safety is unparalleled

This eMSE berm (pictured right) is 55′ high, constructed of coal combustion residuals (CCRs) and contaminated soil. In 2011, the vertical expansion berm withstood a 5.8 – 6.0 (Richter Scale) earthquake in Virginia. Three days later, it withstood the fury of Hurricane Irene, dumping 7-8″ of rain in 12 hours, with 65 mph wind gusts and 45 mph sustained winds. Follow-up inspections revealed NO damage to the berm from either event, thanks to:

  • Proper design, construction quality control (CQC) and construction quality assurance (CQA).
  • Internal and external drainage controls using an EnCAP-IT-patented proactive internal drainage system.
  • Liquid/pore pressure management. No liquids = No liquefaction.
  • Encapsulation to eliminate moisture, with a uni-axial geogrid for added stability.
  • Berms constructed with unencapsulated, non-cohesive CCRs or other materials do not have this important protection.


When your solution is a money-saver to implement, you gain the financial freedom to have truly first-class construction.  EnCAP-IT technology beneficially reuses certain materials, dramatically decreasing — in some cases, eliminating — construction costs.  For example:

  • Municipal solid waste landfill expansions, levees or dams – The third party generating usable fill material pays the landfill a gate fee for its disposal. This additional revenue may offset the cost of construction.
  • Utilities – Power plants can minimize costs of wall construction or berm stabilization by using as fill material the CCRs they create themselves as a production byproduct.

Less Time

You leverage existing permits and maximize land you already have.

Lateral expansion typically involves a lengthy timeline for permitting, land acquisition, design and construction. EnCAP-IT methods require only amendments to existing permits, which are easier and quicker to obtain.

BONUS: Because the status quo remains largely undisturbed, you lessen the potential of nearby residents launching NIMBY (“Not In My Backyard!”) objections during the permitting process.

Bottom Line: Macroencapsulation is the most logical way to go.

Let Us Help You

EnCAP-IT’s network of engineering and solid waste management professionals support responsible reuse. Contact Us and help your business resolve thorny environmental issues with economical solutions that will last generations.

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