Part 5 of 5: Coal Ash Storage – safeBERM® Hydrostatic Barrier System

EnCAP-IT's safeBERM® Hydrostatic Barrier System - Front PageUsing patented macroencapsulation technologies allows generators to continue to beneficially reuse CCRs in structural berms, fills and hydrostatic barriers. safeBERM® solutions have an internal geomembrane envelope that completely encapsulates the fill material. These methods can be utilized in every facet of the strategic CCR management solution—closing ash ponds in place, converting to dry storage, strengthening existing sloped structures, providing proactive liquid management or relocating CCRs for beneficial use.

safeBERM® technologies use a unique drainage system, with lined hydrostatic barriers around the boundaries of CCR storage and storage units.

EnCAP-IT’s safeBERM® Hydrostatic Barrier approach is a viable alternative solution where CCR’s can be safely utilized to create hydrostatic barriers around the footprint perimeter. This method is half the cost and twice the efficiency compared to traditional methods. (i.e., Slurry Wall, Slurry Trench, or Slurry Cutoff Wall …)

[This is the fifth of a five-part series developed by EnCAP-IT®.]

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